Holiday Celebration Ethical Wills and Legacy Pathways

Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Time: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: University Club, University of Redlands, 1231 Colton Avenue
Speaker: Sheri Kohlman

Sheri will share her special perspective on leaving a legacy.  Please invite guests.

PLEASE BRING A TOY!  WE WILL BE GIVING THEM TO A LOCAL CHARITY.  The program will also include holiday music.

“We will all leave a legacy.  But, do we have a big enough vision for the future to realize what a valuable impact our legacy can have on the generations to follow?  Caring for future generations is not only a financial matter; it is a matter of the heart. The way a person manages their time, talent, wisdom and resources tells the story of what truly lies in their heart.  My calling is to partner with folks to engage them in building intentional legacies. I love being a part of it all.


Your life is your message to the world.  Make it inspiring.”  Lorrin L. Lee


Sheri was inspired by her own family’s legacy, and by the clients she met while working as a paralegal at a Southern California estate planning law firm.  Meeting with hundreds of clients, Sheri had the opportunity to hear incredible stories about money, wealth, family and faith.  She quickly learned that there was much more to excellent estate planning than legal documents and financial investments.  She learned that inheriting wealth without the history, wisdom, values and relationships that created it can often be more of a curse than a blessing.


In addition to her previous work in estate planning Sheri also served as the USA Administrative Director for an international nonprofit organization.  She has worked as an Account Executive in the litigation support field and she consults with churches and nonprofits as a Generosity Strategist. Sheri is often asked to speak on issues relating to generosity and legacy development.


Sheri and her husband, Gene, live in Southern California.  They have four sons, one daughter and one amazing Golden Retriever.   She is a trained trauma intervention counselor and a member of the Association of Personal Historians.



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